We’ve been very fortunate to work with so many creative, energetic, and kind clients over the years. We’ve collected a sampling of the letters we’ve received from them and present them to you.

We have worked with Josh Moore of Moore Construction on three commercials projects within the last five years and numerous residential projects over the last fifteen years. We would recommend him without hesitation. We just purchased a new home and we have already engaged Josh to renovate our new future abode.

To better understand our loyalty to Josh please consider the following traits of this contractor, which we believe not only represents his true quality of character, but also his attention to detail, organization, and pride of workmanship.

Josh is extremely well organized. During our last project of an office remodel of over 8000 square feet, he was consistently ahead of detail to keep the contractors busy without interruption. He would have a daily punch list of upcoming issues, with time frames laid out to keep the owners ahead of this incredibly complicated project. He respected that time was money to us both by his consistent attention to planing detail and organizational structure.

Josh is a true professional when creating alternatives to design that can save money. Both before and during all of are past projects Josh would always speak up if he saw something he thought would not turn out as we described in our minds eye and pointed out alternatives to consider as potential options. He was always respectful of your decision, and worked on your behalf to keep projects costs down whenever possible without compromising quality.

Josh’s entire construction team has wonderful attitudes. They were respectful, friendly and a joy to be able work with them. His team keep the construction site clean, picked up and swept on a regular basis.

Our latest project was completed last March. Since that time multiple contractors ( one a recently retired contractor from the Bay Area that was responsible for massive projects) have come through our building and have marveled at the quality of the workmanship. All have wanted to know who performed such extraordinary work. We are so please with Moore Construction that Josh’s business cards and brochures are displayed on our front counter. Anyone who is interested may tour our building to see his work.

Josh Moore makes a construction project enjoyable! Knowing he is In charge relieves you of normal construction stresses allowing your energies to be directed towards creativity and future planing of occupancy.

We find Josh Moore to be a straightforward, professional, kind and truthful person. We recommend him without hesitation.

Andy & Mary Owens

Owens Financial

Owens Financial
Owens Financial
Owens Financial

In 2005 my wife Debbie, daughter Natalie and I embarked on one of the largest undertakings of our life – building our dream home on undeveloped land in Alta Sierra Ranches. There is no question in our minds that amongst the thousands (maybe millions!) of decisions we made, the best one was to hire Josh Moore and Josh Moore Construction, Inc. to build our home. Josh’s extraordinary knowledge of all aspects of home construction, his remarkable work ethic, exceptional dedication to perfection and attention to detail, together with the extraordinary talents and craftsmanship of both Josh and his wonderful crew made working with Josh and Moore Construction truly a pleasure!

Perhaps most valuable of all to us during the construction of our home was Josh’s extraordinary integrity. Building a large, high-end custom home can be a frightening undertaking, even for the bravest of souls. We can not begin to express the incredible peace of mind it gave us throughout our home construction to know that we could place our absolute trust in Josh and his crew to build us a home of exceptional quality and craftsmanship at a fair and reasonable price. It was obvious to us as we met with subcontractors, material suppliers, Josh’s previous clients, folks at the Nevada County Building Department and even other general contractors in Nevada County prior to hiring Josh, that he and his work are held in the highest regard by his peers in the Nevada County construction industry. From the time we negotiated our construction contract with Josh through the completion of our home, Josh was always incredibly open and honest about all aspects of our home construction and proactively solicited our input before and feedback after each phase of our construction process. Josh always took the time to thoroughly answer our questions and quickly addressed any concerns that we had and was always extremely fair in all of the pricing and timelines he gave us on changes we made during construction.

Despite the challenges of working with sometimes indecisive clients (us!), Josh built our house on time and on budget and never made a promise he didn’t keep. During our course of construction, Josh was a tremendous wellspring of great ideas about how to improve the energy efficiency, durability, functionality, comfort and aesthetic appeal of our home in the most cost-effective way and, today, we are enjoying the results of his many great recommendations. Josh was always a consummate professional in all of his dealings with us, our bank, the county building inspectors and other subcontractors working on our project. Josh, his crew and his subs were a delight to work with and always made us feel that we were an integral part of the construction of our home.

In the year since moving into our home, Josh has stood by all of his warranties and has quickly fixed the inevitable few minor issues we noticed after move-in and the ensuing year of living in our home. Moreover, we have the comfort of knowing that Josh will stand by his work not just today, but throughout the lifetime of our home.

Choosing the right general contractor to build your home is the most important decision any homeowner will ever make. After having interviewed most of the high-end custom home contractors in Nevada County and many of their clients and talking with many friends and neighbors who have also recently built custom homes, we can honestly say that if we had to do it all over again there is one man and one construction company that we would want to build our house – Josh Moore and Moore Construction! To Josh and his wonderful crew and subs, we want to extend our heartfelt thank you for an extraordinary commitment to excellence and superior craftsmanship that exceeded our wildest expectations during the construction of our beautiful custom home!

Steve & Debbie Webster

Webster Residence

Retzler Residence
Retzler Residence

We want to thank you for building us a beautiful home with which we are extremely satisfied, and we’d like to send you this letter of recommendation to pass along to potential clients.

Building a house is never easy. There are always decisions and adjustments to be made, some of which can’t be foreseen. During our build, we had the added complexity of living three hours away, raising three children under the age of six, and both of us working full-time jobs. As we searched for a builder, our main concern was to find someone who we could not only trust, but who would be flexible to our schedule and go the extra mile when needed. We interviewed several local builders before settling on Moore Construction. Josh showed his commitment to our satisfaction and to his pride in workmanship in many ways throughout the project.

Our ability to visit the project site was limited, and Josh was flexible in meeting with us at the site on our schedule. As the inevitable questions about different aspects of the build process arose, Josh was very patient with us, agreeing to many conference calls, and e-mailing pictures of work in progress to help facilitate decision making. Many times Josh could have avoided the long decision process by simply moving forward on his own without consulting us, but he instead made the call to us.

Josh was also aware of our need to control costs throughout the process. Where there were alternative ways of doing something, he investigated the costs involved and discussed with us the implications from both a quality and an aesthetic perspective. Any mistakes or changes which raised questions about financial responsibility were discussed openly, and fair resolutions were reached.

While other builders may also provide some of these same services, in hindsight we realized that Josh really went above and beyond in many ways and, had we chosen any other builder, we would not have gotten the same kind of professional service and dedication as we did with Josh.

Commitment to client satisfaction, pride in workmanship, sensitivity to financial constraints, honesty and fairness – these are all traits of Josh Moore and reasons why we are very proud to tell people our house was built by Moore Construction.

Dave & Aimee Retzler

Retzler Residence

Dear Josh:

I felt compelled to write you this letter of appreciation and recommendation because Leslie and I want to let you know how much we appreciate the outstanding job you and your crew did in building our “Dream Home” addition. It turned out just as I had envisioned and it looked great. We thank you and your crew very much for the terrific job you did to make our dream come true.

In addition, I would like you to know that I intend to highly recommend you whenever possible. You may use me as a personal reference and I would be happy to show our house in your presentation to your potential clients whenever mutually convenient. I would like to elaborate for your prospective clients the reasons why I have recommended you.

First of all, you are just a nice person. You are very easy to work with, you never had an “attitude” no matter how difficult or stressful the situation. You are extremely honest. There were times that you could have charged me for labor or materials and I would not have known the difference. But instead, you came to me and explained the situation and stated that you were not going to charge me. You maintained your honesty and integrity throughout the entire project. I trust you implicitly.

Your other qualities include: dependability, reliability, professionalism and knowledge. I know this about you because as the owner/builder, I was a part of the crew. I worked right along side of you everyday throughout the entire project. I know for a fact that you were on the job every day and on time. I saw how you conducted yourself and how professional you were in handing out assignments and keeping the crew moving and productive. I know for a fact how knowledgeable and skillful you are. I was there when you met the challenge of that very difficult section of roof we called the “stealth roof.” It was a very difficult configuration which you eventually conquered. But what impressed me the most about your knowledge and skill was the new addition second level sub-floor matched up exactly flush with the existing sub-floor. I was not expecting any less, but none the less, it blew me away. It was a perfect match.

Throughout the project you always had my interests at heart. You would make recommendations and suggestions that improved the design. You would even advise me of items that were not your concern, like the improper workmanship on one part of the “stealth roof’ by the roofing contractor and the recommendation for a drain system under the front stairs and other items. You did not have to do this since these items were not in your area of responsibility. But that’s the type of person you are. You care for your clients. You don’t have that “not my job” attitude. You are not afraid to step up and go above and beyond what is expected of you.

I stated earlier that you are reliable. Well, we had an opportunity to test that as well. Everyone knows or should know that no matter how hard a contractor tries to build the “perfect”: project, it is almost impossible, even when the contractor does everything correct. If and when this situation occurs, the most important thing is how well the contractor responds to the issue and how he resolves it. So far, you have passed that test. Through no fault of yours (I know because I was there) we do have a condition which needs to be resolved. You immediately responded to my call and came out to the house to verify the condition. You than involved the sales and factory representatives . At this time we are all involved in resolving the condition. I know that you will do whatever it takes to correct this issue to our satisfaction.

Another example of your concern for Leslie and I was financial. We have a time and materials contract which meant I paid for the materials regardless of cost. This essentially took the pressure off of you since it was not a “bid’ situation which meant you could by what ever you wanted without regard to cost. Well you did not do that throughout the project you would consult with me and recommend the most cost effective materials thereby saving us money wherever possible. Labor cost is another area you could have “stuck it to me.” Again you did not do it. You and the crew always put in an honest days work. There was no “horsing around” on the job, everyone continually worked at a productive and safe pace.

Regarding safety-you maintained high safety standards throughout the project. We had no injuries and the job site was kept clean and safe throughout. You and the crew always performed your work in a safe manner. In addition, there was never any alcohol or drugs (something you and I would not tolerate) and there were no smokers in your crew.

Regarding your main crew, Kevin Bennett and Tanner Connor, I can’t say enough good things about them . They are both terrific people, both of whom possess all of the qualities I expressed about you. There are dependable, reliable, honest, considerate, professional and knowledgeable in their craft. They worked hard and were fun to work with. They both have high moral standards and conducted themselves like gentlemen at all times. You are very fortunate to have these men in your crew. In fact all of the people you work on the crew from time to time were reliable, hardworking individuals whom I enjoyed working with.

Josh as you know, our relationship began in 1995 when I met you through my very close and personal friend Dennis, whose “very custom” home you were building . In 1998 you built my two story 1500 sq. ft. shop/garage/workshop and at that time we talked about this project. Well it finally came to fruition and you did a great job. There is a kind of void in my life now since everyone is gone. I really enjoyed being on the crew and working with all of you. I appreciated the consideration and guidance everyone afforded this “Ole Guy,” it was hard work but fun.

Well Josh, I’ve tried to cover it all. Anyone who reads this should get a since of how highly I regard you as a person and a general contractor. I have given this recommendation of my own free will and accord. I would be willing to relay this face to face with any potential clients.

In closing, once again Leslie and I thank you and your crew for the outstanding job you did in building our dream addition. If I ever decide on another project, you will be my contractor of choice. Although this project is complete and our business relationship is concluded, it is my hope that our personal relationship will continue. I feel the same way about Kevin and Tanner.

I wish you, Kevin and Tanner success, health and happiness for the future. Thanks for a great experience.

Richard Jacob

Jacob Residence

When we retained Josh Moore Construction to build our house in Nevada City, we felt confident about our decision. With our home nearly complete, we can happily say that Josh and his team have exceeded our expectations—and in all the best ways.

With Josh it’s a foregone conclusion that the client wants a quality home delivered on schedule, and as economically as possible. During his initial interview, he listened actively while we focused on “wants”, “desires”, and “needs.” His project construction proposal was neatly broken down into 34 elements, each with description, details, and costs. Josh added footnotes to clarify optional items, if desired later during construction. For some specified items, Josh made us aware of more economical choices without ever recommending materials that were ill proven or of questionable quality. During construction, Josh updated this spreadsheet with each invoice, showing total dollars spent, and percent complete for each item. We could easily track progress and costs. There were never any surprises regarding the project’s budget.

Josh’s expertise as a craftsman and his high standards are salient. He is deeply invested in maintaining his reputation for excellence, and he aimed to make our home as beautiful as possible. For instance, the house plan specified flat exterior window frames. Josh recommended instead wood frames with little sills because he said it would make the house exterior a lot more attractive. Great! Josh is also an adept problem solver. There were some glitches with the house plans that Josh and his crew thoughtfully reviewed and made right. When we decided to install a gas rather than a wood-burning freestanding fireplace, Josh and his crew figured out how to accommodate the new flue specifications. He and his crew created a full-size wood template so we could imagine how it would look. The stone fireplace that extends clear to the ceiling is gorgeous, truly a highlight of the home’s common space.

Josh is highly knowledgeable of construction technology, especially pertaining to energy efficiency. He communicates such information well. He is, himself, a skilled craftsman, and doesn’t hesitate to pick up his tools and contribute his expertise. Josh’s very high standards were borne out with the admiring comments of every tradesman who came on site: “Houses of this quality are not commonplace around here.” We felt fortunate to have Josh as our contractor every time we heard it. Of course, Josh couldn’t do it without his crew of carpenters, all of whom are experts at their craft and dedicated workers. Indeed, all of Josh’s subcontractors performed in a manner consonant with Josh’s high standards, and were a pleasure to get to know.

It was easy to see that Josh’s management skills are stellar. He committed to completing our house in a year’s time, but he finished his part months ahead of that. He anticipates exactly when a subcontractor’s services will be necessary, and manages to have them “Johnny on the spot.” His subcontractors must respect him very much. He runs his business very professionally, all the while providing advice and recommending products and vendors to keep the clients’ decision-making process moving along in a timely manner. This went against everything we’d heard about inevitable delays during construction projects.

Finally, Josh’s personal warmth, diligence and constancy have made a lasting impression on us. He was never too busy to stop and chat with us or answer our questions. He was on site daily to keep abreast of progress, do quality control and pitch in with the work at hand. He was a great ambassador between us and the various subcontractors he brought on site. He is grounded in his role as client advocate. For instance, when a power surge took out the dual heat pumps on our newly installed units, he negotiated a far less costly price for their repair. He had our backs.

Josh goes the extra mile by attending workshops intended to keep contractors abreast of the latest building code requirements. He also makes sure he and county inspectors have a common understanding of expectations, ensuring that inspections go smoothly.

Josh wants to produce a valuable, high quality product for his customers. The result is a beautiful, energy efficient, state-of-the-art building of great value. His management skills made us feel confident the project would be on budget, and on time.

Living on site as we have, we have had lots of contact with Josh and many opportunities to see his crew in action. It’s been a super interesting and minimally stressful process. We are so grateful to Josh, and can’t recommend Josh Moore Construction highly enough.

Ken & Maria Bales

Bales Residence

Our new home in Nevada City, CA was built by Josh Moore Construction, Inc. Construction began in January 2007 and was completed a year later.

Josh Moore is a very reputable contractor with a thorough understanding and knowledge of all aspects of construction from financing/budgeting, building codes, project organization to the actual skills of carpentry. Throughout our project we learned that Josh is highly respected by everyone with whom he associates including our architect and staff, sub-contractors, individuals in the building material supply industry, utility companies, and bankers who handled the financing. The Nevada County building inspectors acknowledge his excellent reputation and issued our “Certificate of Occupancy” without any delays or change orders.

Josh takes pride in his work as evidenced by the following items that impressed us:


There are so many little things he did which were not required it is impossible to list them all.

Things like:

  • Painting the sub floor to prevent moisture–
  • Rounding the corners of drywall in the hallways except at the bottom where the molding attaches (makes a tighter seam)–
  • Making sure of adequate ventilation in the crawl space by adding a foundation vent fan–
  • Constantly checking the quality of the work of the sub-contractors and making sure problems/mistakes were corrected–
  • Keeping the work area clean and protecting the completed work and construction site in general- Making certain all rain water drains away from house–
  • Advising us to add extra insulation and ventilation in the attic–


In construction, there are always unforeseen problems and expenses, plus the fact that we added upgrades and additions. Josh continually advised us of our budget status. We were always aware of when and where we were over or under with our allotted budget. Josh’s estimates and bids were fair and he worked closely with us to ensure that we stayed within the budget. He completed a number of projects himself and suggested areas we could complete ourselves to help to save on expenses. Overall, by following Josh’s advice the unforeseen issues were minimized and the project was completed within budget.


Josh kept us aware and involved in every aspect of the construction process from ground breaking to the final walk-through and inspection. He gave us advice and discussed advantages and disadvantages of all types of building materials and processes which made it easy for us to make informed decisions.


Josh was on-site on a daily basis and his ability to work with and supervise the many sub-contractors kept them on schedule . He made sure our decisions on items such as lighting, carpeting, paint, tile, fixtures, etc., were made in a timely manner to avoid delays in the project schedule.

To say that we are completely satisfied with our new home is an understatement. We invite any prospective client of Josh Moore Construction to meet with us and inspect firsthand the high quality of Josh’s work.

It is with enthusiasm and pride we recommend Josh Moore Construction, Inc. for your next building project.

Jeff & Sue Thomsen

Thomsen Residence

We are honored to recommend Josh Moore and the Josh Moore Construction Co. to individuals wishing to build the home of their dreams. There are few adventures in life that are as emotionally charged as seeing your dream home materialize. Choosing a skilled and honest contractor is the most important decision in this process. We found in Josh Moore not only a highly skilled professional, but also a man of integrity. Our house was built right. The materials and the labor used had to meet Mr. Moore’s highest expectations. We have a beautiful new home that will remain a place of pride and joy for many years to come.

Kerry & Joann Ingman

Ingman Residence

It has been a several months since we moved into our new home, named the “Bridgehouse”, built by Josh Moore Construction.  Every day we are reminded of the attention to detail that went into our home.  We spent a fair amount of time evaluating a number of contractors prior to deciding to go with Josh Moore. We had never built a house before so selecting a contractor was a very new experience and we were very nervous as to what to expect. Also, we had heard so many horror stories but luckily none of our fears came to fruition and we couldn’t be more pleased with our new home and the experience in building it.   

Josh was sensitive to our needs in keeping to a budget but was also very proactive in suggesting various options that we might want to consider. We found this to be extremely helpful.  At times we were overwhelmed with all the details involved in this construction but Josh guided us through the process with gentle reminders to keep on schedule.   He and his crew were always very professional and took great care in keeping the project safe and orderly. 

There were so many details involved in this project but we would like to highlight the biggest positive factors:  

  • The house was built in less than 1 year.
  • Josh was always aware of costs and together we worked hard to keep them down. 
  • Josh’s team was easy to work with and we enjoyed the interfaces.
  • Josh made some excellent recommendations for improving the design of the house.
  • The house was well insulated and sealed. Josh endeavored to make sure everything was done correctly and even pointed out problems that we had not noticed but when we did he was quick to have them corrected, even after the job was signed off.
  • Josh had a good rapport with the inspectors and we had minimal problems getting the house to pass each of the inspections performed by the county.  He gave us guidance on limitation of “pushing the rules” so that we had minimal problems.

We feel Josh and his team did an excellent job in creating our Bridgehouse.  We are very pleased with his work and would highly recommend him to anyone contemplating building a house or doing major work on an existing home.

Marrion & Dennis Morris

Morris Residence

We want to take a moment to express our 100% satisfaction with the work performed by Josh Moore and his crew in designing and constructing our new home.

Approximately five years ago, we began planning our “dream home” and were seeking a reliable contractor. After an extensive search, we were referred to Josh Moore, a local building contractor in Grass Valley – and his father, who is a licensed Home Designer. Not only did Josh and his father design and build us a beautiful home, they did it on budget with tremendous personal pride of workmanship and old fashioned honor and integrity. Josh is a perfectionist in everything he does and our new home is living proof.

To say we are pleased with Josh and his father’s efforts on our behalf is indeed, an understatement. In fact, we’re thrilled with our new home, and want to encourage anyone who is seriously considering a new custom home or remodel built in Nevada County to give Josh a call. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed.

Heather & Roy Manning

Manning Residence